Movie review purok 7

The film does not pander to blind optimism but it confidently shows that the ordinary Filipinos in the countryside thread on with uncanny resolute with or without government intervention. There are no complicated shots or ambitious camera work; Obispo relied on the solid foundation of his well-written screenplay and it works wonderfully.

Movie review purok 7

I remember the names of streets of my old hometown. I remember the vistas of dirt road and the wilderness surrounding the house I first called home. I remember how Indian mangoes, guavas and cacao fruits could be plucked from its unguarded trees.

Those places were wide open spaces. Those spaces were a universe all Movie review purok 7 own, and every day did not pass without a sense of adventure.

Characters of unforgettable attributes would jump out of my memory: Years later I, would return here to try to revivify those memories, only to be blindsided by the distortions of time: These spaces had shrunk and had lost some of their virtuous dimensions. Gone were the characters that populated them.

Memory all these years had flattered my sense of first habitation, and expanded its reaches of wonder, it all now seems. Two children, Diana and Julian, are left to fend for themselves when their mother undertakes a journey abroad she is bound never to survive.

Their father, by then, has separated from her, and has started another family. Purok 7 concerns how a small village closes ranks and, actuated by sympathy, nourishes its virtual orphans. Later on, the truth may shed its disguise and dawn on them, as many adults come to realize, but time may by then have also healed their tragic loss.

Time would have expanded and romanticized the landscapes and homescapes of the past. This is Obispo's hopeful thesis.

All but abandoned, Diana, 14 years old, and her younger brother Julian remain on the surface unaffected by it all. Approached by Obispo with a measure of mirthful sympathy -- Diana wears an unusual smile as Julian points out at one point -- their lives of feasting on nothing but swamp spinach or humble viands, however, are not without a sense of wonderment.

Diana, the budding adolescent, receives unusual fondness from her childhood friend, for whom she fosters a palpable crush. His sense of memory does not overly sentimentalize, but orchestrates proceedings with a very gingerly touch — almost to the point that his movie feels unstaged or unsimulated; its tone and acting are both grounded in lighter-than-air spontaneity.

The director's intention is to counteract the depiction of a childhood of potent hurt with one filled with the more caring influence of benevolent humanity.

Movie review purok 7

Combined with its close immediacy and intimacy, on one hand, it works because there is a sense of unhampered, almost real-time take on its subjects, but from the standpoint of conventional dramaturgy, it seems like dead time. Dedramatization is not bad, but when the material is overly familiar as in this case, it can impoverish the experience.

Watch So Yong-Kim's Treeless Mountain for an illustration, a film with a very, very, very similar dynamic, set of themes and subjects, but with much deeper, more immersive and more complex emotions involved.Purok 7 () A countryside dramedy (drama-comedy) that follows year-old Diana and her younger brother who live by themselves after their mother went abroad and their father lived with another woman.

Movie review purok 7

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Jan 08,  · PUROK 7 (Carlo Obispo) A portrait of an optimistic girl living in small rural town was vividly depicted in Carlo Obispo’s debut feature Purok 7. As we follow the story of 14 year old Diana and her younger brother, we were given an escape, thanks to the eye catching scenery of the country side.

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