Short essay on my parents for kids

The relation is nothing but the bond between two people which may be by blood, by behavior, by field or anything else. Every person has many relations in life but some relations are so close to a person that we call it a family. This article will help you understand the meaning of family, the importance of family in life.

Short essay on my parents for kids

I love my parents very much! I m very thankful that they brought me into this world. They have sacrificed alot to put food on the table,clothes on my back and a roof over my head. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't be born. They have brought up as a good child and as Bapa's balak.

We should thank them with all we've got.

Short essay on my parents for kids

They were there for our first breath we should be there for their last. They gave us everything we wanted,gave us support when we needed it, but then i also thought about what i have gave them in return. And to me i think that i haven't gave so much. To our parents, if we get hurt it hurts them more then it should be hurting us.

They give us so much love. Do we give them that much love they give us? Our parents do so much for us. What have we done for them? They parents have showed me who is My parents-Maharaj and swami and Bapa and have taught me look upto them and have faith in them at all times.

They have taught me how to make them happy and get Maharajs Rajipo. They have taught me how to live a good pious life by the ashirwad of Bapa and taught me what is right and what is wrong.

They have gave me food and clothes and a home to live in but the best thing that they have given me is Maharaj Swami and SwamiBapa with the wish of Maharaj Swami and Our beloved SwamiBapa. I'm running out of words of expressing their love for me. As I'm getting older, they help me with my work and I'm truly indebted to them.

Bapa, I love my parents, My dad teaches our home work, takes to park, schoo and our Mandir and tells us good stories. My Mom cooks us good food, gets us ready for school, tells us good stories and puts on good tv show for us. I love my mom and dad. Bapa, I love my mom and dad very much! My parents love me lot and they are the best of all!

Short essay on my parents for kids

Bapa, I love my mom and dad very much for giving me all the toys, cloths and for introducing me to YOU P. Thanks many many for my parents! Bapa, How are you? I love my mom and dad more than infinity! Thanks for giving parents like my parents!


By followng this agna of bapa we will be garunteed a spot in Akshardham.Here is your paragraph on my parents! Parents are blessings from God and I am lucky to have my parents. My father`s name is Abraham and he works as a Cargo Officer with the airlines and my Mother’s name is Sara and she works in the Lab with a hospital.

My Family Essay 4 ( words) My family is a big joint family however a happy family. My whole family live in Varanasi. My family includes various members like .

Long and Short Essay on My Father in English A kid generally attaches from his/her parents from childhood. Children generally understand their father a real hero and a good friend of the life who always instruct them to go on the right path. Essay on My Family Short Speech & Article for Kids, Students.

by Ajay Chavan. They never give up because of the pain of not having parents. Instead, they are the inspiration to us, the way these people live their life, Green Revolution in India Short Speech, Essay, Paragraph & . My parents are essay on my role model because I want to be like them, the way they nurtured us Parents are the first role models for their children.

Children look up to their parents with love and trust and at least in the formative years they try to follow closely the example set by their parents. My Parents: English Essay for Students & Children - Easy English essay on My Parents for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th grade students.

My Parents: English Essay for Students & Children - Easy English essay on My Parents for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th grade students Every evening we all play games together.

On Sundays we go for a picnic or a.

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