Stereotypes in the breakfast club

Towards the end of filming, Hughes asked them both to be in The Breakfast Club.

Stereotypes in the breakfast club

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I dye my hair crazy colors, so I must be starving for attention. These are just some of the many different stereotypes people fall into. These five characters have to spend a full Saturday together in detention as a result of something each of them did.

Everyone can relate to this movie on some level, whether you fall into one of these stereotypes, or another stereotype completely.

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This movie breaks free from the status quo. It shows that even if people are categorized into different cliques, they could have similar interests they never even knew about. Their objective for the day?

Stereotypes in the breakfast club

To write an essay of no less than words about who they think they are. As the principal leaves, they start to do stereotypical things: As the movie goes on, they argue about everything from lunch, to clothes, to clubs. So what exactly does go on in a Saturday detention from 7: People are people, no matter what stereotype society classifies them into.

Everybody has thoughts, feelings, opinions, and ideas about how they want their lives to turn out, despite the struggle that they have to go through to make it there.

In their nine hours of threatening and bickering, the characters in this movie will have you laughing, thinking about real stereotypes, and wondering what every character is going to take out of this experience to change their lives for the better.The breakfast club highlights a variety of pressures that are placed upon teenagers through out high school.

Peer pressure is clearly shown multiple times through out the movie, on various occasions it is also talked about between characters.

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just astroturfed shills” hear hear! One of the most defining teen movies, it came to represent the genre and launch the careers of its stars, leading to the Brat Pack. The Breakfast Club follows the journey of five teenagers who have all landed themselves a Saturday main characters are characterized by their cliques, harassed by angry principal Richard "Dick" Vernon, and aided by Carl, the friendly neighborhood.

Tools of Characterization Characterization in The Breakfast Club Actions. Throughout the movie, the different characters do things that reveal their personalities, usually in a way that conforms to set assumptions about them: For instance, Bender tears the pages out of a library book (something by Moliere), demonstrating that he's a ruthless vandal with unlimited contempt for books and.

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