Unamuno essays

Miguel de Unamuno Spanish poet, essayist, novelist, philosopher, playwright, and journalist.

Unamuno essays

B. The Aristocratic Age

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Scott Davidson Mario J. Essays after Unamuno and Ricoeur. University of Toronto Press. Consequently, this book is perhaps as much about his own intellectual journey as it is about Unamuno and Ricoeur.

Unamuno essays

The introduction "Why Unamuno and Ricoeur? That is to say that Unamuno does not see the possibility for synthesis between opposites but only a continuous struggle between opposing poles. What initially appears to be the internal monologue of a character turns out to be the product of another character who is later discovered to be its narrator.

Bloom. Western Canon

It thus points to the primacy of the interconnectedness of self and other in our life stories. There are nonetheless some very suggestive ideas here. The book does not promise or deliver anything systematic concerning the notion of a cultural hermeneutics, and the purported connections between Ricoeur and Unamuno remain quite loose and general.

Yet there is still much to learn here, and I would encourage readers to approach the book as if it were a tour through a curio shop. The author shows us You are not currently authenticated.

A. The Theocratic Age

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The Generation of '98 (also called Generation of or (in Spanish) Generación del 98 or Generación de ) was a group of novelists, poets, essayists, and philosophers active in Spain at the time of the Spanish–American War (), committed to cultural and aesthetic renewal, and associated with modernism..

The name Generación del 98 was coined by José Martínez Ruiz, commonly known. Miguel de Unamuno was born in Bilbao, a port city of Basque Country, Spain, Unamuno's conception of liberalism, elaborated in essays such as La esencia del liberalismo in , was one that sought to reconcile a great respect for individual freedom with a more interventionist state.

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