Write asp code in javascript

Next Page While writing a program, there may be a situation when you need to adopt one out of a given set of paths. In such cases, you need to use conditional statements that allow your program to make correct decisions and perform right actions. JavaScript supports conditional statements which are used to perform different actions based on different conditions. Here we will explain the if.

Write asp code in javascript

Knowing how to write your own functions will improve almost any JavaScript you create. In fact, you'll see how custom-made functions can enhance several of the JavaScript tricks you've already learned.

In this chapter, you'll learn how to: Write your own functions Use homemade functions to improve your code Write functions you can cut and paste into whatever pages you want We'll be using homemade functions in every chapter from now on, so pay extra-close attention to what's going on in this chapter.

Functions as Shortcuts Functions aren't anything new. The alert function, for example, takes whatever text you put inside the parentheses and displays an alert box with that text.

In its simplest form, function is just a shorthand name for a series of JavaScript instructions.

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When you call the alert function, JavaScript under stands it as a command to carry out some task, such as opening a window that has an OK button and a close button and putting some text in the window.

The functions you create act as shorthand as well. Let's say you want to write a link that opens a small window and then centers that window on the screen if the visitor is using Netscape 4. You could write a link resembling Figure most of the code in it is similar to Figure A link that opens a small window and centers it in Netscape 4 and above-- this won't work in Internet Explorer see note at the end of Chapter 5 However, it is not a good idea to write a link in this way: Furthermore, if you want two or three links on your page, your HTML becomes even uglier and your page's download time increases.

Even more problematic, if you want to change the code to affect window size or centering, you have to make the change everywhere you put the link.

The solution to these problems is to give all the JavaScript in Figure a name and then simply call that name when you want to open and center a window.

write asp code in javascript

They allow you to call a set of JavaScript instructions the function just by using its name. The basic structure of a homemade function A function definition starts with the word function. Naming Your Functions Next comes the function'sname. The rules for naming a function are similar to those for naming a variable.

The first character must be a letter; the rest of the characters can include letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores. No other characters, including spaces, are allowed. Like variables, function names are case sensitive, so JavaScript will consider a function called feedTheCat to be different from a function called FeedTheCat.

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Make sure you don't give a function and a variable the same name. Because of this weird behavior, and because function names are case sensitive, it makes sense to have a different convention for naming functions than for naming variables.

For variables I use lowercase letters with underscores, and for functions I use what's called in-caps or camel-caps notation. Names in this notation style consist of strings of words without spaces, in which every word except the first is initial-capitalized, as in openAndCenterTheWindowmyCatand printDate.

In-caps notation is a pretty common convention and should serve you well. Parentheses and Curly Brackets A pair of parentheses follows the function'sname. For now, you won't be entering anything between them, but they're still necessary. After the parentheses you need a pair of curly brackets.

Between these brackets you'll write the JavaScript that will run when the function is called. An Example of a Simple Function Figure shows you how the window-centering code in Figure looks rewritten as a web page containing a function.

write asp code in javascript

Notice that the link calling the function X has the same form as a link that calls a built-in JavaScript function--the function name appears inside an onClick. Opening and centering a window using a function Page 1 of 2.What makes server-side JavaScript possible is a web server than can process the code.

One such server is called Jaxer. Developed by Aptana, Jaxer is an open source Ajax web server for building rich web pages and applications using a unified Ajax model that can be written entirely using JavaScript.

The JavaScript Client Side function will be called from Code Behind (Server Side) using ClientScript RegisterStartupScript method.

TAGs: heartoftexashop.com, JavaScript Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to call JavaScript Client Side function from Code Behind (Server Side) in ASP.

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Learn how to code ASP with Javascript in heartoftexashop.com's ASP Javascript lesson. So I decided to write a JavaScript object to simplify the process of writing XML.

Using the code. The object is called XMLWriter. It automatically replaces invalid characters such as quotation marks or greater than signs with the appropriate XML values. Writing ASP Chat using JavaScript and XML (Part 1) Creating Web API in heartoftexashop.com Core If you were part of the early web's big bang in the mids you might recall that being able to use JavaScript both client-side and server-side was core to Netscape's original vision for Web apps.

Netscape Livewire was the first server-side JavaScript engine. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, and code samples are licensed under the .

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